Ideas & Issues

Mojo Idea 1

Lachlan River frontage Cowra

The best kept secret in Cowra is the Lachlan River frontage and use of the river.
IDEA: Let’s activate the precinct.
SUGGESTIONS: Outdoor event space and stage at high water flood level
Convert caravan or shipping container into a business serving food and beverage
Tourism adventures on the river
Access from the Cowra Van Park to the river for visitors and guests
Recreational areas with an extended fake beach

Mojo Idea 2

Events, Events, Events

Bring your mojo to enhance the existing events held and create new opportunities.
IDEA: Develop Cowra Council Event Sponsorship Fund to assist the community to build and host local events.
New event idea – 2794 – celebrate all things Cowra, with each village hosting an event under their postcodes
Existing event idea – consult event organiser. Ask if they would like to build their event and brainstorm ideas. Open Garden Weekend – presenters, high tea, workshops.
New event idea – Chalk Fest
Use existing footpaths and other concrete surfaces to temporarily create works of art. Invite aspiring artists, involve the schools and get residents to decorate the footpath in front of their residence. Create a trail, bring in entertainment, markets, food and beverages.
The closest chalk festival is in Newcastle, NSW.

Mojo Idea 3

Wiradjuri culture and song lines

Uncover and celebrate local indigenous stories. Most of us would be aware of Australia’s colonial history. Let’s be a leader in the understanding and showcasing of our local Wiradjuri culture and song lines.

Mojo Idea 4

Environmental Sustainability Hub

Australia is facing a huge waste problem.
IDEA: Cowra is ideally located to consider being a recycling headquarters. Let’s have a conversation and gauge the communities’ appetite to recycle plastics, paper, glass, textiles, cans, etc on a regional scale.
What is involved in establishing an environmental sustainability hub? How many jobs could be created?

Mojo Idea 5

Cowra Shire – Home of Small Business

I have a gut feeling our community is housing inventors, entrepreneurs, new business ideas, home based businesses and other business ventures.
IDEA: Provide a safe environment for ideas to be born and supported. Through the Cowra Business Chamber and with the support of regional agencies, assist these ideas to become reality. Let’s aim to create 10 new businesses annually.

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